Greetings from Quanah…..

Hello to all…

Aggie and I are in Quanah this weekend visiting my parents (Grammy and Pappy) and grandparents. We made the decision for two reasons. 1. As Pate gets ever closer to his due date, I don’t think we’ll be getting out much for a while and 2. Todd said that he would finish hanging pictures, cleaning the garage, finishing closets, buying furniture….etc…while we were gone. I can’t imagine how he is going to get it all done, but every effort is greatly appreciated.

Aggie is having a blast. She is attached at the hip to her Pappy – and I’m pretty certain he is smitten as well. Nothing beats Grammy’s house…

I STILL can’t find my charger for my camera. I tried to buy a battery yesterday at “the Walmart” in Altus. For those of you that don’t know, yes, Walmart CAN get worse. Go to one in the sticks! Needless to say, I didn’t find a battery. So, no pictures for this post.

Love to all,


1 Response to “Greetings from Quanah…..”

  1. 1 doug June 22, 2007 at 10:02 pm

    Todd has got you fooled!! He is drinking beer and he better enjoy his last free weekend for a while. Although, he has been to my house and borrowed quite a few garden tools (shovel, rake, hoe, etc…) I don’t know maybe you will have a nice garden when you get home! Have a safe trip. Hugs to Aggie and your parents.

    -Uncle Doug

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