Picture Disaster

I’ve decided to use the blog as my personal vent session for the moment. Read, laugh, comment….whatever, I just need to vent.

Several months ago I won a photo session with Smileys at our preschool silent auction. Thinking that it would be a good idea, I scheduled them for ~one month after our kiddo. SO….enter swollen boobs and fat belly and fussy baby.

I mangaged to get everyone up, fed, bathed, and dressed including my less than thrilled husband…then re-fed (though that only applies to Pate.) We make it to the studio still dressed (minor miracle) with bow still in hair (major miracle) and are even on time.

This is where things went downhill. The lady taking our pictures must be an intern, or training, or just not too with it b/c even though the first thing out of my mouth is…we don’t do yearbook photos, we just want a plain white or black background and NO posing…she breaks out the couch and starts trying to tell my barely 2 year old to cross her legs and lay on her hands. Aggie was such a trooper putting her hands everywhere but stacked neatly under her head. The lady then pulls out the ugliest stroller prop I’ve ever seen and tries to have Aggie “pretend” to push it. Aggie headed straight for the diaper bag to get her doll and then out the door with the stroller. Meanwhile, my other angel decides to feed like it’s Thanksgiving dinner. We never got any pictures of the 4 of us….very sad for Mommy, but maybe, I’ll be surprised with the others.

Thanks for listening. Must go sleep.



1 Response to “Picture Disaster”

  1. 1 Jenny August 31, 2007 at 2:00 am

    yeah, they must pretty much sedate children to get all those nice photos in catalogs – husbands too.
    I hope you all got some rest afterwards!

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