Random Mommy Thing

Both kids are alsleep at the same time!!! HOORAY! Needless to say I am not going to write long b/c I am continually telling myself that I should really pick up the house (at least the down stairs where people could see)and at least dry mop the floor as it looks as though my dogs own the place (frightfull, but true.)

However, I just got tickled the other day as I was changing for bed. Aggie is ever more adventurous and is constantly bringing me things throughout the day. These are things she is proud of and wants to show off or things that she knows she shouldn’t be playing with so, after she does play with them, she brings them to me as though I didn’t know she was playing with them!

So I usually end up putting them in my pocket until she loses interest. So…the other day I was laughing as I emptied and lost a total of about 5 pounds….

Here is the list:
1. 2 rocks from the backyard
2. a ring of Daddy’s
3. Daddy’s watch
4. Her “plug” (pacifier)
5. a stopper from her sippy cup
6. small dog toy and…
7. about 3 random small pieces of paper that I have NO idea where they came!

Quite the collection



1 Response to “Random Mommy Thing”

  1. 1 Jenny October 24, 2007 at 12:21 am

    What a great story – so cute 🙂

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