Rainy Day Update…

Well, despite trying desperately to keep the kiddos separated, washing our hands until they were raw, and buying stock in Lysol Wipes….Pate seems to have a touch of the funk.

Miss Denise called from daycare on Friday to tell me that he was running a fever, but true to Pate was still eating and laughing. She also informed me that he had just woken from a nap so I knew then that he was sick….;-)

He doesn’t seem to be nearly as sick as Aggie (my fingers are crossed as I type) but has a pretty consistent low grade fever as soon as the Tylenol wears off…we’re also considering our stock options in Tylenol… He has an ucky cough and a runny nose and just looks miserable.

So we spent a rainy day playing around the house then Pate and I took a drive (that works like a charm for the nap, and Mommy gets to listen to the radio NOT on Disney), and ventured to the TCU bookstore just to get out of the house for a minute. I’ve attached some pics…..

I find it amazing that the dogs seem to know when one of us is sick. I had just sat Pate down to find a thermometer and his Tylenol when I returned I found Bailey and Elle curled up next to him. It was pretty cute. You can tell this is pre-Tylenol though:-(

Okay, send good thoughts I am DONE with all these GERMS!!!

“Helping” Daddy work!


1 Response to “Rainy Day Update…”

  1. 1 The Welch Blog February 21, 2008 at 3:08 am

    What cute pics of Pate and the laptop! I’m so sorry your kiddos have been so sick. It looks like they’re still managing to smile through it though.

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