I always feel like Aggie gets the short end of the pictures, but you guys that have been there done that, or are in the midst of the toddler thing surely understand. However, I thought that I’d take a quick post to describe my beautiful, sweet, total TODDLER!!!

I have included a picture, but these events are endless in our house. While feeding Pate down for his morning nap, I left Aggie happily reading books in her playroom with implicit instructions to go potty if needed and come get Mommy if needed. As I descended the steps thinking what a great morning it was going to be the smell of lavender almost knocked me over. This is what I found….Aggie was cleaning up and needed a bit of lotion. I STILL don’t know how she got in the sink!!

Aggie really gets frustrated with the sun in her eyes in the morning so I have been trying to explain that God is in control of that and not Mommy. However, I finally noticed that she kept saying the sun was “biting” her and it took me two full days to realize that she had confused “bite” with “bright.” How sweet is that????


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