We’ve Got the Bug:-(

Aggie came home with a fever on Monday and complained of a sore throat on Tuesday. We took her to the Dr. just knowing it was strep. They gave an immediate antibiotic which seemed to cure it all even though the swab eventually came back negative.

Fast forward to this weekend and…Pate has a fever and is extremely unhappy with his world. It is so heartbreaking to not be able to just “fix” it. Then Mommy got it. I’m immune to most bugs being that I’ve worked with kiddos my entire career and work inside a hospital plus have two kids, but when I get it, I get it. I feel like my entire body hurts. My skin hurts. Is that normal?

So Pate and I are taking Tylenol every 4 hours on the dot. Now, Daddy isn’t feeling well:-( He and Aggie are at the petstore so that Pate and I could take a nap. Pate wasn’t feeling that;-)but it’s nice to have a minute to just sit.

On the cuter side of things. He can now say “Uh-Oh” even though it sounds more like “uh-uh,” he uses it very appropriately in that he throws his toast and then says it!

Funny Boy

Send good healthy thoughts our way. Maybe I’ll lose some weight;-)


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