Aggie Favorites

We had a busy day today. We met my good friend Suzy and her sweet babies at the zoo. It had been WAY too long since we last caught up and every single time a see her I remember why she is on my favorite people list!

Anywho (JEN;-) I got Aggie down for a late nap. Pate on the other hand did NOT nap this afternoon so he went to bed very early. The reason I’m rambling is b/c I let Aggie stay up much later than her usual bedtime and she did GREAT. Maybe we’re moving towards being able to spend some more time with her in the evenings. This whole thing got me to thinking about some of my favorite (momentary) things about my baby girl so I decided to share a few:

1. I love watching you jam in the back seat when we get a song we like!
2. I love how you ask for things right now: “please may me…???”
3. I love building towers with you and huffing and puffing them down.
4. I LOVE how much you love your Daddy and LOVE watching you two play….I also LOVE to listen to you two talk when you think I can’t here (very sweet)
5. I love making bubble hats for you in the bath.
6. I love watching you splash and squeal with Pate Man.
7. I love how hard you work to blow a bubble and how pleased you are with yourself!
8. I love to read you story….after story….after story….after story (okay, most days)
9. I love how you ask to hold my hand
10. I love how your “drawings” now turn into elaborate scenes in your head
11. I love to listen to you sing your “abc’s” especially the jumbled up l,m,n,o,P part

I love every single piece of you like you will never understand (well, until you have your own), but these are the little ones that melt my heart today.


1 Response to “Aggie Favorites”

  1. 1 The Welch Blog April 23, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    So sweet. Aggie is a blessed little girl to have you for a mommy! She will really enjoy reading this someday.

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