Tragically Southern

Momma made pork chops tonight, and while I don’t do this often, I made them Grammy style. Yup, fried ’em up real good!

I withheld making grease gravy and mashed potatoes in an effort to not completely blow my diet (that is yet another post.)And, I DO have a reason for sharing this.

Aggie is a great eater as most of you know. I mean, how many two-year olds do you know that typically refuse fast food and eat salmon, eggs benedict, spinach, and hummus on a regular basis? She is NOT; however, much of a meat fan short of grilled chicken. So I didn’t make her a fried pork chop and substituted some grilled chicken instead.

I offered her some of mine as I continually try to expose her to new foods and….it was a HIT. I think she ate more than half of my pork chop and was fascinated by the bone. I am please to announce that she may just be a country girl after all. Maybe the gene passed down. Pappy you should be proud!

Check this out!


1 Response to “Tragically Southern”

  1. 1 Chris & Carly April 24, 2008 at 12:33 am

    aww – I had not visited your blog lately. So cute. I found myself teary at a couple of the posts! Your babies are precious. I am looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

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