What a Weekend…

We had an absolute amazing weekend.

Saturday was an official Aggie day in the guise of Todd’s corporate outing. We all went to Lake Whitney to the WB Ranch for a fun day in the sun. I somehow left without my camera….4 bags, no camera, so I’m hoping to be able to post some of the shared photos.

We decided to let Pate stay with Grammy and Pappy b/c we figured the day was just too long for him. Turned out to be a wise decision. Aggie did beautifully. We swam most of the morning then had some burgers and cake for dessert. We then went down to the pond for a canoe race. I opted out thinking that I would stay with Aggie. She changed the plans and decided that she really needed in the boat with her Daddy. That didn’t last long. The canoe tipped over and she was – LESS THAN THRILLED – PISSED REALLY!

We then went on a tour of the ranch to see the wild animals (most were hiding in the shade and I can’t say that I blamed them.) Aggie fed and pet some sort of horned creature. She is so funny!

We swam some more and then headed home. We stopped for dinner thinking that Aggie would be completely passed out by the time we got home. We woke her up to eat (she didn’t) but then she didn’t ever hush long enough on the way home to sleep! In fact, she would take her headphones off if she started to nod off…..just like her Mommy….doesn’t want to miss anything!

Great time….love that baby girl….


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