Some Faves…explained…

I added a new little segment to the blog…I’m a slow adventurer. I found the Simple Mom site and Make and Take site through Jenny (she’s over on the sidebar.) I usually don’t have time to explore too much, but was HOOKED on these sites. They both have great information and seem like simple, down to earth, Mommies….maybe a bit (read: LOT) more patient and talented than I, but I can strive for that! It’s a goal!

The other are two photographers that have meant so very much to us over the years. Shanon shot our wedding and did a fantastic job. We have TONS of pictures and look at them often (okay, I do:-)

The other has been a Godsend the past year. She is a student at UT Austin, but her parents live here in Dallas. She changed majors last year and decided to pursue her passion of photography. The story is kind of funny in that she had always taken pictures of her adorable nieces and nephews and then their friends started calling too! She is incredibly patient, has a great eye and take on photos, and, wait for it….will come to YOU!!!!! How incredible is that? Yup, you don’t have to schlep the kids in their Sunday best anywhere you don’t want to!

I’ll add more as I get inspired….Oh, I’m thinking of a few already!



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