Happy 1 Year

I can’t beleive it’s been a year already. I don’t know where to start. You are the most incredible addition to our family. You have blessed us beyond our wildest hopes and we can’t imagine “us” without you.

Your hair has turned from a dark, crazy brown “do” to a beautiful,wild blond, and you have the most incredible blue peepers courtosy of your Daddy.

I think your temperment (as much as I hate to admit it) is a bit of the Prescott side. You want what you want…while a go! You now, literally, throw yourself on to the floor and blow a full out tantrum (think maybe Aggie taught you that?????) but, hey, Mommy wants to do that too some days.

You’re not walking just yet, well, in the official sense of the word. But, you can climb the entire set of stairs, straight up and down, with NO assistance. You now come grab my hand and DRAG me to the desired location! You’ll take off soon enough, and we’re not in any hurry.

YOU are my snuggle bunny. You give frequent “sugars” – open mouth of course, and expect due praise for your action. You also, frequently, lay your head on my shoulder or tummy and just love your Mommy. I LOVE this and dread the day that it dissapears. You REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, liked nursing ( your Mommy did too as it gave some “us” time) – the bottle is okay, and you still think you need it at least before going to bed – and preferably during the night. Again, we’re not rushing you. This, too, will pass (all too quickly.)

You have a great vocabulary (just like your sister always has) but you share it only with certain people and when it benefits you. Some favorits are:

Mommy, Daddy, Aggie, Elle (poor Bailey), UP (BIG ONE), bubbles, more, eat, milk, mmmmm (also “eat”)and that. We’ve also picked out “I did it” and “let’s go” You can make ANY animal sound and do so to several pictures and books.

Son, you LOVE to be held….my oh my….God bless the sling, because I would NEVER get anything done. Thanks to you I now feel confident in the fact that I could lose a limb and never skip a beat. Again, it’s okay, one day you won’t want to be held or snuggled.

I am desperatley trying to hold on to every baby peice of you, but am looking forward to tomorrow as well.

I love you more than you will ever know….until you have your own. Being a Mommy is truley a God given gift that is inconceivable until in the midst. By the way, you have a very special place for your Grammy and Pappy.

I just hope that I can be what you need and want…what you desire and dream…and lead you in the path that Christ has planned.

I love you Little Man (Big Guy)
God Bless,


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