A New Leaf….Need Help Turning

So I know of a couple of friends that do all of the grocery shopping and cooking over the weekend so that the whole week’s worth of food is planned and ready to assemble when they get home.  GREAT idea….LOVE the idea….want to DO the idea….but I must point out that neither of these incredibly sassy, put together, beautiful women have kiddos.  And as you mommy’s know, that translates into they can go to the store at any point in the weekend that they choose without packing a bag, a snack, and two bundles of joy…AND they do not have the littlest munchkin draped around their shins screaming “UP” for the entire cooking process…..god bless them:-)

BUT….I’m going to try.  I’m going to try so that I have a well stocked fridge and pantry any day of the week and will can could whip up something healthy and nutritious in a flash;-)  I have discovered “Quick Fix Meals” with Robin Miller on the Food Network channel and like her ideas – use them fairly often.  However she makes several meals that are less than kid friendly (and my kids eat like champs!) I am also trying to rediscover my crock pot, but Todd will only go for stew every great blizzard, and I just don’t have that many healthy recipes for the crock pot (I did discover a slow cooker section on my Weight Watchers site – don’t ask – no, it doesn’t work if you don’t actually count the points…)

So here is my plea to you…..send me your quick fix meals…your old stand-buys….your tips/tricks… or your fabulous website that you use every single week and; therefore, don’t have this problem….


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