Happy 15 Months

You are the coolest kiddo (I say that about your sister, too, but only b/c it’s so very true.)  You are changing and growing every single day and it just amazes me.  We hardly ever catch you without a smile.  You giggle ALL day and will smile just b/c we are looking at you. 

Your teachers say that you are doing very well at school and that even though you are the youngest, you do more than most of the other kids.  She also tells me that you run the place and have EVERY teacher there wrapped around your finger.  Your official name is now Pate Man.  Aggie and all of her friend call you that.  It fits…I’m good with it!

You are saying more and more every day, and will sign ANYTHING.  Sometimes I will catch you trying to ask for something and making up your own sign!  If you are emphatic, you just run through every sign that you know – also very funny!  Your newest word is YESSSSSSSSS, with a very firm and continual head nod.  We have several animal sounds down, and you can recognize the pictures and say the sound (or the real deal at the zoo:-)  My favorite is the elephant b/c it takes you a while to get your lips just right!

You adore Aggie and want to do everything just like her.  You guys are learning to play together and she is very protective of you – even thought she tries to pick you up by your neck;-) 

I can’t bring myself to cut the hair, but it is getting close to being a necessity.  Right now, we are diggin’ the surfer dude look and you can still see out!  You love your shoes and your little car outside.  Well, you love ANYTHING outside.  If the door is cracked you tell us “by-by”, blow a kiss, and RUN out before we catch you! 

I could go on and on, but will save it for another month.  You are so very loved and we are so very blessed!


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