16 Months….


Wow, this one really seemed to just fly by and I’m sure December will go even faster. 

You are so very loved Pate Man.  You have the best, easy goin’ little personality.  You could read books for HOURS as long as you have a good lap.  Your favorites right now are the Dog book, the Animal Library Set, the other animal book, and, Oh Yeah, the rest of the animal books!

You are talking more and more everyday, but your Mommy and Grammy are the best interpreters.  In fact, I think your Grammy tops the list for you this instant.  She is the ONE replacement for Mommy and you often dive at her from my arms, and squeal when you recognize her from the carseat.  Speaking of, I have yet to flip you.  You are just over 20 pounds with clothes on.  I know that you would love to be facing the other way, but think I’ll keep you there for a bit longer until you fit better the other way.  What you don’t know…..;-0

 You have a few two and three word phrases and are using them more and more.  The most intelligible are:

I did it   Here you go   help please   and something that loosely translated means “PICK ME UP RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT!”

My favorite new words are “Ho, Ho, Ho” and Uh-huh….okay, neither sound incredibly “wow” worthy, but they are so stinking cute.  You still use sign as the main get your point across method. 

You love to see airplanes (pane, pane) and point and search the sky until we find it.  You also love birds and “tweat tweat” at them with total delight.  Your new move is to go get your high chair and roll it into place when you want a snack.  You think that Mommy’s ice-tea was brewed just for you and sneak a drink when you think you can get away with it.  You and Aggie have been known to disappear with my cup and bring it back empty!

When we took our photos this month, you were so funny when asked to practice your smile.  I need to get that on video!

As always I could go on forever about your love of books, food, baths, sister etc….but we’ll save it for another day. 

MY love is for you, your sister, your Daddy, and our family.  Thanks for being mine Little Man.


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