Happy 17 Months

Okay, so I decided to write a quick post for Pate’s 17th months.  I still have not found my camera.  Did I mention the thing is bright. stinkin. RED????  I am currently charging our big MamaJama b/c otherwise I would just have no photographic record of my kids from last Christmas on;-)

On a side note, our big, fat, humongous remote control is gone too.  There seems to be an electronic thief around here.  Pretty sure he’s blond haired, blue eyed, and shorter than 3′

Pate, you continue to just light up our world.  You are the most easy goin’ little guy and just have the greatest, easiest laugh imaginable.  We catch you often just crackin’ yourself up.  You LOVE the dogs right now and the cat and try to kiss them often. 

We have some goofy health stuff this month with ear infections and a trip to the emergency room.  I am sort of hoping it was RSV and not asthma, but as I am home today with the same issue, I’m thinking you might have picked up that little gene from your Momma.  No worries, we’ll fix it and you’ll be on the b-ball court in NO time! (Well, if you didn’t get your Daddy’s short legs:-))

I have been obsessing lately about your ears, language, and hearing.  So, my sweet friend challenged me to write down the words that you say.  Thanks Maricarol.  I stand corrected that you are PERFECTLY capable of talking, but that I often let you get away with a point, squeal, and grin!

Here are some often used words around here:

Momma, Daddy, eat, bubble, pop, choo-choo,water (wa-a), pappy, grammy (sounds more like Mammy), milk, duck, moo, quack, up, out, please, thank-you , “here you go”, shut, open, book, 1,2,3, jump, help, pull, ball, juice, roar, ruff-ruff, drink, tea (nice, huh?), yes, uh-huh (don’t know if that counts, but it is stinkin’ cute!), block, nose, eye, ear, Elle, Bailey, out, down, no, kitty-kitty (kee-kee), block…I’m sure there are others!


You are also in that really cool jibber jabber stage.  Your voice has all the inflections, but only you know the message!  I LOVE that stage of development – plus it’s just so cute!


Yup, your doin’ just fine and we will be requiring you to speak up more often!


You are sound asleep with a raging fever, wheezing, panting, and an ear infection.  My heart aches for you Little Man, but still you do it all with a smile.


Love you punkin’


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