18 Months???

I can’t believe you have been here a year and half, but I can’t remember life without you. You bring such joy to us and you are the perfect fit. You still continue to be my laid back Little Man, but that is NOT to say that you don’t have a personality. You are fun and funny and an incredible FLIRT! I think you have already learned how to work those blue eyes and long lashes.


You are obsessed with balls right now. That is the first bin you want down when we are in the playroom. We have been practicing your batting, throwing and (most importantly) your basket shooting. I think your favorite Christmas present was the simple set of wooden blocks that Grammy gave you. You wait, not so patiently, while we build a castle so that you can knock it down…hundreds of times! You are also starting to really enjoy “coloring” and crafts. You LOVE taking the lids off the markers and making one single deliberate mark before putting it back on and moving to another color.
You are part monkey! You climb anything that is partway still including the dogs. They are your favorite gateway to the couch or table.

If Aggie does it…..you WILL do it too. You are incredibly determined and do not.forget.anything….ever. The whole “distraction” technique is null and void with you as you WILL achieve your goal. I find myself “spotting” you as you climb that hurdle (table, chair, wall…) b/c I know that is the faster way to move forward. My “child proof” gate is your favorite climbing wall.

You can EAT kiddo. I have never worried about nutrition with either of you. You’ll eat just about anything and plenty of it. Today at breakfast you ate an entire waffle with strawberries and whipped cream……not an Eggo waffle, a HUGE restaurant waffle. Every single table around us watched in awe and most commented before we left the restaurant. This is not uncommon!


You are a bit mischevious these days. You have discovered that Aggie’s hair is fun to pull and gets quite a rise. We have gotten out the playpen for time out. You still think time out is pretty funny.

I know that in the next few months you will be discovering even more of who you are. It’s our job to support that, but to steer you in the direction that God has intended. Thanks for being mine Little Man.


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