Dear Grammy and Pappy….

So I was just thinking after our afternoon yesterday (see note below) how incredibly lucky we are that you guys are here.  I’m CERTAIN that I don’t say “thanks” nearly often enough, but please know how grateful we are of all the help.  I’m really not certain how Aggie survived her infancy without you guys here to help! 

Thanks to the date nights, the hundreds of dish loads, and the hundreds of diapers.  Thanks for letting us drop by because I just need to borrow someone else’s energy for the moment.  Thanks for the last minute sitters, not only for the above mentioned dates, but when I just HAVE to go to work and I have a sick, grumpy, fevered kiddo that just wants to watch Caillou for the 1,000th time!  And, most importantly, thanks for thinking that your grandkids are just as cute, funny, smart, and perfect as their Mommy does – even in the middle of a lay on the floor fit!

But on top of all that…..they will now really KNOW you.  They will have thousands of memories of getting to grow up with you close and involved.  Coming from the kiddo that got to do the same – THAT is the thing that they will cherish most.


1 Response to “Dear Grammy and Pappy….”

  1. 1 Carly Andrews February 16, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    I love reading your sweet notes to your kids and your parents. I am glad you share them!

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