Yee Haw…

We had such a fun Friday afternoon.  Grammy and Pappy decided to brave the Stock Show and Rodeo with us this weekend.  After a quick lunch we were off and we arrived in plenty of time to see the  animals before the 2:00 matinee.

Pate was so excited he was literally shaking and squealing.  This was only topped by how tickled my Dad was watching him.  I HAVE decided that we will need to make a trip to Quanah with Pappy so that the kiddos can see the real country and real animals.  My little city boy barked at the goats and meowed at the rabbits!

Then it was off to the show.  Both kids did beautifully the entire time.  I only had to take Pate down once to let him run off some energy and the rest of the time they were both VERY happy with peanuts and soda (incredibly nutritious, huh?)  Pate curled up with Grammy for the last bit and fell asleep, so we even got to see the bulls…this country girls fave!

I had my camera the entire time, but only managed to fire off one picture the whole trip – I think it was a good one, though!

Rodeo 2009

Rodeo 2009


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