Aggie is 3 1/2 – Officially


Wow, how the time has just flown by and seems to move faster everyday.  You continue to be such a joy to us and we love watching you mature into a big girl every day – even though it seems to be too fast!

You are still absolutely obsessed with princesses – ANY princess.  Your favorite at the moment is still Belle, but the others get their fair share of the limelight as well!  You LOVE anything girly.  Tea parties, princesses, dress-up and make-up, painting your nails, and playing Mommy to your dolls are a HUGE part of your day.  You are becoming such a great helper; able to clean your playroom with little help and are always helping me cook.  You are also starting to help with chores such as laundry and emptying the trash – with a little convincing!

You help more and more with Pate and are trying to teach him new words and proper behavior.  I know it’s hard, sister, not to hit back, but you are doing a great job.  The other day I heard you say, “That’s right Pate Man that IS Bomba – good talking.”  I think maybe you have heard Mommy say that a few times!

You asked told us the other day that you NEEDED to take ballet.  That made us laugh.  We are researching places now so you will start this summer.  We are also going to take some swim lessons this summer so that you learn pool safety as we will be spending a LOT of time in the water I’m sure!.  This stage is so very exciting, but a little daunting as well.  I am looking forward to learning and exploring your interests.  

I could go on and on about how incredible you are.  You light up the room and have the absolute BEST sense of humor.  You are even starting to show a bit of sarcasm here and there (that’s pretty funny from a 3 year old)!  We will continue to work out this independence thing.  I am trying hard to pick my battles and let you find your way.  Know this little one:

Mommy and Daddy love you so very much.  Every minute of everyday.  I MISS you like crazy when we are not together (while appreciating the break now and then.)  I crave your sweet little kiss and your beautiful blue eyes and your neck breaking hugs before lights out.  Just be YOU as the years continue to grow.  YOU are amazing.


Get your purse, sister

Get your purse, sister

She looks like she is headed to the casino!  LOVE this picture – it is SO Aggie!


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