The Next Stage…

Pate has not only established a strong sense of style (see post below) but he is blazing into the toddler/independence stage.  I knew it was coming, but I just don’t want to be ready just yet.  Oh well, this stage too should be celebrated.  I’ve often said that I truly believe that Aggie is destined to be CEO of something HUGE.  Otherwise, she is just strongly opinionated and stubborn as hell!

Here is hoping that same road for Pate.  If they both make it, then maybe one of them will help put us in a kick-a retirement home!

Pate has officially ditched the highchair.  I can no longer strap him into the chair to eat OR strap him into the chair with paint while I MAKE something for him to eat.  That stinks.  Now I chase for meals and painting.  He is a Houdini at escaping the high chair.


New "smile" too:)

New "smile" too:)

He can climb ANYTHING.  Cabinet? Check.  Child gate?  Check.  Wall? Check.  I don’t have a picture b/c I am usually trying to pry him down.  

He can THROW a ball.  Wanting to talk is still not high on his priorities (he IS absolutely capable) as Aggie just talks for him.  But, tactily……the kids got an arm.  I need to get a video.  Somehow today he found a baseball…..not good for dogs, Mommy, or Aggie!

And what with that great independent streak comes the ear piercing screaming!  Ugh…..why the screaming?  He is becoming very familiar with the playpen (it’s timeout) but just so you know, he can climb that too.  But, what with that great independence streak (read:  I’m totally gonna push EVERY button you have)  comes the absolute BEST snuggles, the most amazing crinkly nose grin, the GREATEST belly laugh, and a melt you heart smile.

I’m going to do my absolute best to guide you Little Man… take some pity on Mommy.  Go give Daddy a dose for today!  HA



That is a fruit pop on his cheek.  Looks like he had a run in with something (or someone.)


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