I need HELP.  My always slept beautifully little girl has taken a 180.  She gets into bed and PLAYS for at least 2 hours.  Now, mind you, we have tried to both give and take away books.  Same thing with lovies.  We give her music to help calm and give her a time frame.  She just CAN NOT settle down. What does one DO for hours with NOTHING in the room?  I mean, really, I do NOT get it.  

I wouldn’t be concerned except that she is TIRED….which translates into a GRUMP…which translates into grown-up GRUMP.

We’ve tried earlier bedtime and later ones.  No change.  

Someone told me to look into Melatonin.  I did some VERY preliminary research and am a bit concerned.  I didn’t find a ton of “studies,” much less those related to pediatrics.  I also read that though it is touted as “all natural” it is actually synthetic.  Dosing issues combined with times issues…I don’t know.  You guys know I rarely take ANYTHING and am hesitant to give it to Ags.



1 Response to “Insomnia??”

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