I feel at times that my kiddos are NEVER going to eat 1) enough to keep moving OR 2) anything remotely healthy.  They are very cyclical eaters……reading they eat only when they CHOOSE to eat. Now, the good news is (and a blessing from God) is they will eat most anytthing I offer WHEN they get ready!   I offer several healthy options, but refuse to sit and shove it down them.  So….just when I think they are never going to eat again, we hit the upswing.  That meaning that they are eating us OUT of HOUSE AND HOME!  I mean really, this is the week I think they just might EXPLODE!

Yesterday I made spaghetti (it was whole wheat.)  Pate ate three helpings of spaghetti, and two helpings of green beans.  Aggie ate two helpings of each, and b/t the two of them they ate half of a cantaloupe.  And NO, I am NOT exaggerating! 

So, we’re on the upswing again., and I’m always looking for new snacks.  I finally found some popsicle molds and have been making yogurt and fruit popsicles.  The kiddos have no idea they are super healthy and couldn’t believe when I let them have a “popsicle” for breakfast!

Here is the aftermath of the crazy spaghetti throwdown!



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