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Happy 4th

But not of July!

Our sweetest Aggie turned 4 this week.  While I can’t believe that 4 years ago we started out family, I just don’t remember life without my baby girl.  Here is an “all about you” post, my love.  You have taught me so very many things and we continue to learn together.

Before you, I didn’t understand what it meant to have your “heart hurt.”  I get it now.  I, literally, hurt when you hurt, and cry when you cry and know now that it will always be that way.  

I didn’t truly understand being selfless.  I want what you want.  As silly as it sounds, making you happy, makes me happy.  

I didn’t truly understand what a “gift from God” meant.  I am still in awe of how he blessed me with you and your brother.  Eternally grateful, but still in awe.


You are definitely independent.  I see a little girl emerging from my sweet baby.  You have a true sense about you now and your personality and self awareness are growing daily.  You know what you want, how you want it, and you want it a while ago.  This makes for some trying times, but I am constantly trying to remind myself that this is you finding you.

You learn new things every single day and continue to make me belly laugh.  You have always done so.  You are using bigger words and sayings now and sometimes the mix-ups are pretty funny.  You are learning how to play with your brother (and get him to do what you want him to.)  It’s fun to watch you play together.  

I can only imagine what next year will hold.  I can tell just how many new things you are becoming aware of and will soon learn.  I promise to cherish every second just as I have done so for the last four years.

Love you baby girl…..



My American Girl…

My sweetest Aggie was born today 4 years ago.  Now, had you told me then that I would spend the 4th birthday at the American Girl Boutique, I think I might have laughed.  However, that is exactly where Aggie  and I spent the day.  We were lucky enough to have Bomba, CoCo, Jim, Emma, and Steve join us.  AND…..I must tell you that we had JUST as much fun as Aggie!  We were so sad that Grammy didn’t get to come because she wasn’t feeling well.  Feel better soon!

It really is an amazing place.  I plan for this to evolve into a much anticipated tradition for the next several years.  The store is a bit overwhelming, but we focused on the “bitty” section that is a bit more appropriate for Aggie’s age.  After shopping around a bit, we headed to the bistro for lunch.  There, they loaned Aggie a doll for lunch and brought the doll a tiny size high chair, menu, and cholcolate muffin (that mysteriously disappeared!)  

Lunch was too fun; visiting and watching all the little girls with their dolls.  After a TON of food, we headed back downstairs and loaded up on some loot!  We purchased some new outfits for her very first Itty Bitty from her birthday a few years ago.  Plus Aggie got to pick out a new doll (with hair) to take home for her special birthday gift.  It is actually a twin that comes with a brother.  She wanted to name the girl, Zachary, but I talked her into choosing another (a bit more girly) name.  We settled on Zoe.  Yup, Zoe it is.  She got a new outfit too, thanks to Aunt Susan in Monroe.  Bomba also provided some fun stuff too, including a little doll size kitchen just perfect for Zoe to cook in!  

We played this afternoon for 2 HOURS with the new toys.  Very fun!   I don’t think Santa will have any trouble this year deciphering what is on her list!  Maybe Zachary will be headed out way soon!  He’s really cute!


Aggie with "Elizabeth" our borrowed doll for lunch

Aggie with "Elizabeth" our borrowed doll for lunch



Aggie is feeding Elizabeth the carrots that she didn't want!

Aggie is feeding Elizabeth the carrots that she didn't want!











Bomba, Aggie, and Mommy

Bomba, Aggie, and Mommy


Bomba, Aggie, and CoCo

Bomba, Aggie, and CoCo











Aggie with our newest family member "Zoe"

Aggie with our newest family member "Zoe"

Funny Lou

Aggie just told me that she was ready to get married.  She was going to have a birthday wedding.  

On the menu????

Cake, beans, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets.


I’m all for it.  I think we could top out at about $10 with the cake included!DSC03229

So Fun…..


I realized that I hadn’t had a chance to post pictures of Pate’s party.  It was a construction theme as the boy LOVES anything with wheels and it turned out super fun and super cute.  Thanks to all of our friends that came to play with us.  I didn’t get a ton of pictures as I had a house FULL of 2 years olds (and my husband is a disaster with our point and shoot camera ;-)) 

BUT I did get a couple!


Round one for burgers at Kincaid's with the family!

Round one for burgers at Kincaid's with the family!


JaeRaes cupcakes at Kincaids - we had to do it several time!

JaeRaes cupcakes at Kincaids - we had to do it several time!

Pate's Cake!

Pate's Cake!











We decorated construction hats!

We decorated construction hats!



Me and my BABES!

Me and my BABES!

Not so fun….

In the thought of using this as a journal for all of us to look back on, I decided to post about our not so fun weekend.  I think it is finally time to officially admit that we do, indeed, have an asthma kiddo.  Thought we skirted by because Aggie has NO allergies to speak of.  You, however, Little Man, DO!

We only get it a couple of times a year, but when you get it, it STINKS!  I actually snuck away to Aunt Donna’s house this weekend so your Daddy got the front end.  I got the latter.  You started wheezing about 11:30 Saturday night and needed treatments every 2 hours on the dot, without fail.  When I arrived early Saturday morning I took you immediately to the pediatrician knowing that we would need a steroid at the very least.  Well, that WAS the very least.  You ended up with two steroid doses and three treatments there before they sent us to Cooks.  They REALLY wanted to call an ambulance, but I assured the pedi. that I could make it much faster (AND I had Ags with me.)  

Daddy met us at Cooks and took Aggie home then came to join us.  It took several more treatments and some more steroids (you are going to be BUFF:-)) before they finally let us go home.  You are the sweetest little wheezer ever.  It does NOT slow you down in the least, you just sound like a train that is going to pass out at any moment.  We are still providing treatments every few hours.  We are finally able to stretch a bit.  Mommy has had very little sleep as I am getting up pretty often to make sure you are pink;-)  You’re a trooper my Man.  Looks like we are going to start treatments everyday and a specialist will be in the future.  Sorry to have passed on that gene!

Aggie is doing her best to put up with both you and me.  She doesn’t feel so hot either, although I can’t quite pin down how much is typical three year old not getting enough attention; or how much can be treated with Motrin!  NONE of our behaviors are stellar this week, but we are managing.  Today is lazy movie day, so as you are stirring in bed, I am about to make a yummy snack and we are all going to finish Aggie’s party invitations with our good friends from Disney providing distraction (as minimal as it is)!

Love you guys… patient with your lack-o-sleep Momma!Christmas 08

This picture is from last Christmas when we bought the Cadillac of breathing machines (at least the price was that of an Escalade).  You are SUCH a trooper still.  You really sit through most of it with minimal complaint and we read a few books.  You’re just  a bit more verbal now to TELL me when you’re “Done, Mommy.”  I do have to give great credit to Aggie for being the official book gatherer and getter!

I love you guys with every piece of me.  If you hurt, I hurt, and all I can concentrate on is making BOTH of you as comfy and happy as possible.  I love you!

Fun in the Sun

We decided to make the best of the sun today and head to the pool.  Bomba was gracious enough to have us over to swim.  Todd made gourmet pizzas on the grill and we swam until our tummies told us to quit!  I should have taken a picture of the pizzas b/c they were gorgeous and yummy, but I couldn’t stop long enough to grab the camera.  Cute kiddo pictures instead!

They are BOTH turning in to little fish.  Pate didn’t want any help at all even though I had to keep telling him to keep his mouth closed and Aggie jumped in from every angle.  Great weekend!







Her goggles were a bit tight!

Her goggles were a bit tight!


Waitin' for some grub!

Waitin' for some grub!

Bomba and Ags

Bomba and AgsWaiting for dinner

“Two” Fast

I have been writing and re-writing this post for several weeks and can’t seem to get in everything that I want to say.  Our youngest turned two last Friday.  While part of me can’t believe it has flown by so fast, the other part of me just simply can’t remember life without him.  So, here goes a “what I loves…at this perfect moment of YOU, Little Man…”

Pate Man


You simply melt me…..

You have the coolest, “bestest” little dude hair ever.  It’s a great tow headed blond with perfect flips and curls in just the right places.  I especially love when it’s a bit damp outside b/c those days are the curliest.  You are totally fine with letting me “do” it – only b/c you watch me style Aggie’s hair in the mornings.  Your blue eyes, like your sisters’, are piercing.  They always have a sparkle – although sometimes it’s b/c you are full of mischevious tricks!  I can always tell when you are not feeling well b/c your eyes loose that sparkle.  It’s been fun dressing you.  It’s a whole different world from dresses and Mary Jane’s and I LOVE your big boy clothes.  

I LOVE that you are a SNUGGLE BUG.  I even love it on the days when my biceps are literally shaking.  You love to be carried and love to rock, still.  I know this will soon pass, so I am taking advantage of every minute I get.  At night after we do our little routine, we rock for a bit.  Most nights when I get ready to put you in bed, you go right down, but lately you have been asking to “wock mo,” and I am all too happy to give in….(but you’re pushing your luck on the 4th and 5th time:))

You Make Me Belly Laugh…

I say this often, but you guys are FUNNY little kids.  You are quick to giggle, quicker to squeal, and easy to engage.  You will chase, run, flirt, and tickle for HOURS….especially when it’s right before bedtime and we are trying to wind down!  You are so ticklish and will ask me to tickle you then beg me to “wet ME GO…..pity pease…..” UGH….too stinkin’ cute.  You love to tease, but it’s always good natured.  Everyday you and Aggie are learning to play together more and more and I love to listen to you interact.  

I love your new language…..

I obsessed about your lack of speaking for two years….not that you COULDN’T, just WOULD’T.  Not sure what I was asking for b/c you are in full force now.  You label absolutely everything – constantly.  You keep up a constant chatter in your carseat talking about buses, trucks, beep beeps, red lights, you name it.  I often have to check back to make sure you’re not blue from lack of oxygen.  And, just so you know, NONE of that chatter is done in a volume that is compatible to human ears.  I’m pretty sure the bus DRIVER can hear you – from a block away.  But I love it just the same.  I love how you are adding new words and phrases every day.  Mommy is near perfect interpretation, Grammy is a close second, and Ms. Rhonda is simply amazing!  

I love your individualism and your adventurism……even though I am going to have a heart attack….

THIS is not getting any better.  From the minute you decided you could move, you decided you could climb.  You have been climbing since I can remember.  I find you on top of things that I’m not sure I could scale, and I have a few inches on you.  I used to wear myself out asking you to stop and redirecting you, but you are PERSISTENT if nothing.  I have simply decided to make the best of it.  So now, instead of asking you to stop jumping off of the couch, I just ask you to stop until I can move the coffee table!  I know it’s not the best parenting move, but otherwise, it’s all I would do!  I found you and your sister the other day inside a cabinet in the guest bedroom.  She was on the top shelf and you on the bottom with the door closed and it completely dark!  After I got over my momentary panic of not being able to find you I thought it pretty clever!  

You and Aggie combined are simply dangerous.  I have secretly watched you guys build pathways to where you needed to be.  She will add a step, climb it, and send you after the next rung!  It’s scary, really!  BUT, I love it just the same.

I could go on and on….

I really could talk about you for days.  Please know that our family could never be complete without you.  You are a joy to us.  A constant reminder of how to be content and blessed in what we have and where we are.  I love you more than you will ever know….unless you, someday, experience the joys of having a child.  All my love “Little Man…..”


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