“Two” Fast

I have been writing and re-writing this post for several weeks and can’t seem to get in everything that I want to say.  Our youngest turned two last Friday.  While part of me can’t believe it has flown by so fast, the other part of me just simply can’t remember life without him.  So, here goes a “what I loves…at this perfect moment of YOU, Little Man…”

Pate Man


You simply melt me…..

You have the coolest, “bestest” little dude hair ever.  It’s a great tow headed blond with perfect flips and curls in just the right places.  I especially love when it’s a bit damp outside b/c those days are the curliest.  You are totally fine with letting me “do” it – only b/c you watch me style Aggie’s hair in the mornings.  Your blue eyes, like your sisters’, are piercing.  They always have a sparkle – although sometimes it’s b/c you are full of mischevious tricks!  I can always tell when you are not feeling well b/c your eyes loose that sparkle.  It’s been fun dressing you.  It’s a whole different world from dresses and Mary Jane’s and I LOVE your big boy clothes.  

I LOVE that you are a SNUGGLE BUG.  I even love it on the days when my biceps are literally shaking.  You love to be carried and love to rock, still.  I know this will soon pass, so I am taking advantage of every minute I get.  At night after we do our little routine, we rock for a bit.  Most nights when I get ready to put you in bed, you go right down, but lately you have been asking to “wock mo,” and I am all too happy to give in….(but you’re pushing your luck on the 4th and 5th time:))

You Make Me Belly Laugh…

I say this often, but you guys are FUNNY little kids.  You are quick to giggle, quicker to squeal, and easy to engage.  You will chase, run, flirt, and tickle for HOURS….especially when it’s right before bedtime and we are trying to wind down!  You are so ticklish and will ask me to tickle you then beg me to “wet ME GO…..pity pease…..” UGH….too stinkin’ cute.  You love to tease, but it’s always good natured.  Everyday you and Aggie are learning to play together more and more and I love to listen to you interact.  

I love your new language…..

I obsessed about your lack of speaking for two years….not that you COULDN’T, just WOULD’T.  Not sure what I was asking for b/c you are in full force now.  You label absolutely everything – constantly.  You keep up a constant chatter in your carseat talking about buses, trucks, beep beeps, red lights, you name it.  I often have to check back to make sure you’re not blue from lack of oxygen.  And, just so you know, NONE of that chatter is done in a volume that is compatible to human ears.  I’m pretty sure the bus DRIVER can hear you – from a block away.  But I love it just the same.  I love how you are adding new words and phrases every day.  Mommy is near perfect interpretation, Grammy is a close second, and Ms. Rhonda is simply amazing!  

I love your individualism and your adventurism……even though I am going to have a heart attack….

THIS is not getting any better.  From the minute you decided you could move, you decided you could climb.  You have been climbing since I can remember.  I find you on top of things that I’m not sure I could scale, and I have a few inches on you.  I used to wear myself out asking you to stop and redirecting you, but you are PERSISTENT if nothing.  I have simply decided to make the best of it.  So now, instead of asking you to stop jumping off of the couch, I just ask you to stop until I can move the coffee table!  I know it’s not the best parenting move, but otherwise, it’s all I would do!  I found you and your sister the other day inside a cabinet in the guest bedroom.  She was on the top shelf and you on the bottom with the door closed and it completely dark!  After I got over my momentary panic of not being able to find you I thought it pretty clever!  

You and Aggie combined are simply dangerous.  I have secretly watched you guys build pathways to where you needed to be.  She will add a step, climb it, and send you after the next rung!  It’s scary, really!  BUT, I love it just the same.

I could go on and on….

I really could talk about you for days.  Please know that our family could never be complete without you.  You are a joy to us.  A constant reminder of how to be content and blessed in what we have and where we are.  I love you more than you will ever know….unless you, someday, experience the joys of having a child.  All my love “Little Man…..”



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