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Full of Thanks

This will be a quick post b/c it’s pretty easy to sum it all up.  I am so grateful for my awesome friends.  I am so very blessed to have all of you. 

I WISH that we saw each other more often, and I WISH that we actually could visit when we are ARE together, but it’s enough that you guys are fun, and funny, and generous, and supportive and, and, and…..

That’s it.




I feel at times that my kiddos are NEVER going to eat 1) enough to keep moving OR 2) anything remotely healthy.  They are very cyclical eaters……reading they eat only when they CHOOSE to eat. Now, the good news is (and a blessing from God) is they will eat most anytthing I offer WHEN they get ready!   I offer several healthy options, but refuse to sit and shove it down them.  So….just when I think they are never going to eat again, we hit the upswing.  That meaning that they are eating us OUT of HOUSE AND HOME!  I mean really, this is the week I think they just might EXPLODE!

Yesterday I made spaghetti (it was whole wheat.)  Pate ate three helpings of spaghetti, and two helpings of green beans.  Aggie ate two helpings of each, and b/t the two of them they ate half of a cantaloupe.  And NO, I am NOT exaggerating! 

So, we’re on the upswing again., and I’m always looking for new snacks.  I finally found some popsicle molds and have been making yogurt and fruit popsicles.  The kiddos have no idea they are super healthy and couldn’t believe when I let them have a “popsicle” for breakfast!

Here is the aftermath of the crazy spaghetti throwdown!


“Spring” Photos

“‘Spring’ photos that I had done in June and just now am posting,” is what this should be titled.  We had a good friend of ours take some photos of the kiddos and they just turned out GREAT.  I am posting only a few of my favorites, but note her website on my links.  She is awesome and has the best eye for good shots.  The kiddos did great and she had all the patience in the world!

Here is her link




























I’ll stop here, but it seemed the next was better than the last.

Thanks Kim, what wonderful memories!

Happy 4th to All..

We had such an incredible weekend for the 4th of July that I have been super bummed this week to have been forced to join the “real” world again.  After a mysterious illness on Tuesday for Pate Man (his only symptoms were a mild, low-grade fever and constant SCREAMING.) We decided to head to Dallas, to my sister’s house, late Wednesday afternoon.  Todd was working that night, so the thought of having some extra hands was too tempting to say “no.”  

We hit the pool the minute we could change clothes and, basically, stayed there ALL weekend.  Thursday was followed by some more swimming and a little shopping.  We then took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge to meet my sister in law, Samantha and her boys, Colton and Austin.  

I have to admit that I didn’t quite know what to expect about the Lodge…we chose not to book for the nights as my kiddos are still a bit young to be expected to fall asleep in the same room.  HOWEVER, I am totally planning on taking that risk come fall.  That place is AWESOME!  I didn’t manage to fire one camera shot b/c I was way to busy playing.  The kiddos had an awesome time playing in the huge fort and the smaller pool, and I even got to sneak away for a few minutes to ride some big rides with the boys.  I LOVE that stuff.  We are totally planning on trying to get everyone together (including you Grammy and Pappy) to go this fall for some family fun.  That way, Glen will get to come too.

The rest of the weekend was the Lakewood parade and more swimming and grilling.  It really was such fun.  

Thanks Donna and Jim for letting us crash your house for so many nights!

Love you….


Pate watering the plants...and US!

Pate watering the plants...and US!


Pate and Aggie waiting for the parade...

Pate and Aggie waiting for the parade...

I know it looks like we didn’t dress Pate appropriately, but I just didn’t start looking early enough for the perfect BOY red, white, and blue outfit!


Pate having some parade candy and waiving at the people

Pate having some parade candy and waiving at the people


I need HELP.  My always slept beautifully little girl has taken a 180.  She gets into bed and PLAYS for at least 2 hours.  Now, mind you, we have tried to both give and take away books.  Same thing with lovies.  We give her music to help calm and give her a time frame.  She just CAN NOT settle down. What does one DO for hours with NOTHING in the room?  I mean, really, I do NOT get it.  

I wouldn’t be concerned except that she is TIRED….which translates into a GRUMP…which translates into grown-up GRUMP.

We’ve tried earlier bedtime and later ones.  No change.  

Someone told me to look into Melatonin.  I did some VERY preliminary research and am a bit concerned.  I didn’t find a ton of “studies,” much less those related to pediatrics.  I also read that though it is touted as “all natural” it is actually synthetic.  Dosing issues combined with times issues…I don’t know.  You guys know I rarely take ANYTHING and am hesitant to give it to Ags.


Can I Get Another…???

So, even though we have TWO sinks and TWO stools, you KNOW the kiddos fight over them.  So this morning when Aggie had to move she said…

“Mommy, I need a new baby.”

“Like, you want Mommy to have another baby”?

“No, like I want you to take him back and get another one.”!!!

I explained to her that they do no take babies back, especially when they are almost 2 years old!

So she says……”Don’t you work there”?  I could hardly contain my laughter.

Yes, baby, I have some serious connections.  It’s the Walmart of babies.

Budding Ballerina

Aggie started ballet on Tuesday.  She was BEYOND excited and can’t wait until the next time.  The class is going to be small this summer, and will pick up in the Fall.  However, Aggie was the only one this week!  She already had her first “private.”

I didn’t stay, but got the lowdown on the first lesson.  Aggie demonstrated all her new moves.  Let’s just say that she was diggin’ the mirror.  She performed the length of the studio, but never took her eyes off of, well, HER!  Too funny.

Her instructors told me how great she did, and how polite she was AND that “I was doing a great job.”  HMMMMM maybe some of it IS sinking in!

Love you LULU!


Ready to go

Ready to go

Ballerina "do"

Ballerina "do"


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