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So Fun…..


I realized that I hadn’t had a chance to post pictures of Pate’s party.  It was a construction theme as the boy LOVES anything with wheels and it turned out super fun and super cute.  Thanks to all of our friends that came to play with us.  I didn’t get a ton of pictures as I had a house FULL of 2 years olds (and my husband is a disaster with our point and shoot camera ;-)) 

BUT I did get a couple!


Round one for burgers at Kincaid's with the family!

Round one for burgers at Kincaid's with the family!


JaeRaes cupcakes at Kincaids - we had to do it several time!

JaeRaes cupcakes at Kincaids - we had to do it several time!

Pate's Cake!

Pate's Cake!











We decorated construction hats!

We decorated construction hats!



Me and my BABES!

Me and my BABES!


Shop ’till you drop…

We have NO clothes.  Aggie is tall enough this year that many of her spring and summer dresses are just too short to be appropriate.  Her shorts from last year are too small, and t-shirts and tanks?  Well they only last one season around here!  

Pate is no different.  He has NO spring or summer clothes either and he is right smack dab in the middle of 12-18 and 18-24. 

Needless to say, I put them into bed for nap (with Daddy on duty) and headed for the mall today with my mom.  I got some really cute stuff for both kiddos – shorts, tanks, a couple of dresses for Ags, and some one piece shortalls for Pate.  I really love those and figure this is the absolute last summer I can get away with it!  

We’ve got a good start for warm weather, but still need lots of stuff, so if anyone knows of any great sales, places, sites etc…we are all ears!

UGH…Heart Breaker

So, I think I have mentioned before that Aggie is having a really hard time falling asleep since we have removed the plug (SO tempted to give it back, BTW)….

So today, she refused to take a nap even though she did not fall asleep the previous night until after 11:30.  So, in order to show her that consequences follow actions, I took Pate to the park without Aggie. 

Here I am pulling out of the driveway with Princess Belle in tears with her Daddy.  UGH… heart breaker.  We talked it to death, so I’d like to think this will be the end of it, but I hear acrobatics as I type….

I am so totally open for suggestions.  Just to fill you in, YES she is tired and still needs a nap.  YES, I would be okay with her reading quietly in her bed and “resting,” but that doesn’t happen as she climbs, literally, the walls.  YES, I have tried positive praise and losing privileges and NOTHING. IS. WORKING!!!!!!

Leave a comment  solution, please!!!!!

Toy Stories

I am combining several recent conversations with some post ideas to make this one.  I have the Christmas list ready to go and am planning on lining up a sitter in the next couple of weeks for some marathon shopping.  Several of my friends have asked what we are thinking about for the kiddos and I, too, am looking for some ideas and pointers. 

My friend Tricia listed some of Elliott’s favorite toys in her latest post.  Her post looks fantastic, I am going to be lazy and just list ours…..

These are things that get constant use at our house:

1.  Our “JUST LIKE HOME” kitchen.  It’s pretty small, so it fits in the corner of our kitchen and both kids play with it often.

2.  Our Parents music set.  It comes in a little drum carrying case with several other instruements and we use it several times a week when we “dance” before bedtime routine starts. 

3.  Our LeapFrog music/learning system.  BOTH kiddos still play with this.

4.  Melissa and Doug toys.  We have several wooden puzzles and just simple shape sorters/stackers.  I LOVE them b/c they do not have batteries – HOORAY!

5.  Our Bounce House.  I know this sounds crazy, and it’s a bit expensive, but it is VERY used here at the Miller abode.  It comes out with every single BBQ, or party, and quite often with playdates…plus a good round of play guarantees a 3 hour nap!

I have other favorites, but these are the ones right off the top of my head. 

I think the kiddos bigger gifts are going to be a doll house for Aggie and a tool bench for Pate Man.  I am also looking at getting some more puzzles and sorters and such, and the Clipo Creativity Table for Pate.  Any ideas you guys are looking at?  What are the cool must haves for the  1 and 3 year old set?

Funny, Funny

My kids make me laugh.  Even at the end of a very LONG day when it seems like bedtime is NEVER going to arrive or everything that could go wrong has…..I still laugh out loud several times a day.

Aggie copying Pate's pudding face b/c I was taking pics of him!

Aggie copying Pate

Aggie was copying Pate b/c I was taking pictures of his funny pudding face!



She was also using Bailey as a footrest during dinner!



90% of the day is spent in a tiara and jewelry…even if she has nothing else on!

Baby Doll

Baby Doll

This is Aggie’s baby doll high chair.  He was most pleased with himself!

Yup, funny kiddos, this was just a matter of a couple of hours.  Never a dull moment!

It’s Fall Ya’ll

After having JUST told the sweet little man that does our yard to come every 3 weeks we came home to a yard FULL of leaves.  Aggie asked if we could play in them and I couldn’t wait to get some fun pictures.  We had a blast and Pate did too, but he chose NOT to be a part of the photo shoot!



I Can Do It….

Pate’s new independent streak is to feed himself…..anything.  He will tolerate my help for about 1/2 of the container and then it’s all about self feeding!  Oh well, it makes really cute pcitures, and he’s learning along the way.  I have a very similar picture of Aggie doing the same thing at about the same age.  Gotta love pudding….or at least MY house does!


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