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Not so fun….

In the thought of using this as a journal for all of us to look back on, I decided to post about our not so fun weekend.  I think it is finally time to officially admit that we do, indeed, have an asthma kiddo.  Thought we skirted by because Aggie has NO allergies to speak of.  You, however, Little Man, DO!

We only get it a couple of times a year, but when you get it, it STINKS!  I actually snuck away to Aunt Donna’s house this weekend so your Daddy got the front end.  I got the latter.  You started wheezing about 11:30 Saturday night and needed treatments every 2 hours on the dot, without fail.  When I arrived early Saturday morning I took you immediately to the pediatrician knowing that we would need a steroid at the very least.  Well, that WAS the very least.  You ended up with two steroid doses and three treatments there before they sent us to Cooks.  They REALLY wanted to call an ambulance, but I assured the pedi. that I could make it much faster (AND I had Ags with me.)  

Daddy met us at Cooks and took Aggie home then came to join us.  It took several more treatments and some more steroids (you are going to be BUFF:-)) before they finally let us go home.  You are the sweetest little wheezer ever.  It does NOT slow you down in the least, you just sound like a train that is going to pass out at any moment.  We are still providing treatments every few hours.  We are finally able to stretch a bit.  Mommy has had very little sleep as I am getting up pretty often to make sure you are pink;-)  You’re a trooper my Man.  Looks like we are going to start treatments everyday and a specialist will be in the future.  Sorry to have passed on that gene!

Aggie is doing her best to put up with both you and me.  She doesn’t feel so hot either, although I can’t quite pin down how much is typical three year old not getting enough attention; or how much can be treated with Motrin!  NONE of our behaviors are stellar this week, but we are managing.  Today is lazy movie day, so as you are stirring in bed, I am about to make a yummy snack and we are all going to finish Aggie’s party invitations with our good friends from Disney providing distraction (as minimal as it is)!

Love you guys… patient with your lack-o-sleep Momma!Christmas 08

This picture is from last Christmas when we bought the Cadillac of breathing machines (at least the price was that of an Escalade).  You are SUCH a trooper still.  You really sit through most of it with minimal complaint and we read a few books.  You’re just  a bit more verbal now to TELL me when you’re “Done, Mommy.”  I do have to give great credit to Aggie for being the official book gatherer and getter!

I love you guys with every piece of me.  If you hurt, I hurt, and all I can concentrate on is making BOTH of you as comfy and happy as possible.  I love you!


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